Bart Dewijze

Born in Belgium, I studied in Gent and Brussels. On my thirthied birthday I moved to Spain, where I met my wife, who took me to her homecountry Germany.

I choose the subject of art, because after studying it, looking at it, talking about it, being involved in it and writing about it… I came to the conclusion I am unable to get bored with it. I am hooked unlimited. Art has opened certain views as how I see the world we are living in. My goal is to share this amazement with no more than the hope to make you feel… amazed.



The Artpole Media                                                                                                               

The Artpole Media is founded in May 2012.  We are based in the south of Germany. Living in the heart of Europe we are never far away from elevating art cities. We are not bound by boundaries neither language.

By promoting and supporting art, artists, and viewpoints through events, seminars, publications and advice, we became highly skilled to supply artistic and art related solutions in the cultural and corporate segment of our society. Always with an experimental lovin´ attitude and a creative approach throughwards the arts.

The name “The Artpole” stands for how art is in someway exotic, but always related to everyday life. You can see us as adventurous explorers through the ever intriguing and highly interesting world of art. Like Edmundsen or Douglas Mawson explored the south- or North pole… we are bound to discover the Artpole.


The Mission

The Artpole is all about curiosity and constructing the best approach possible for sharing what we found. We intend to stay independent and keep our full focus on everything and everybody involved with art. We gather our knowledge and ideas first hand from artists, collectives, galleries, museums, private collectors, art critics, students and so on. We are also exploring in unconventional places and people, who at first sight, have nothing to do with art. Therefore we contain a very bright horizon on requests or thoughts on the matter of exploring art.

We believe that throughout human history art has always been a window on how we see our society. Our mission is to open this window and let some fresh wind in filled with views, thoughts, lessons, events, makings and doings of art of the past, contemporary and future. Our approach may indeed seem individualistic, but we are there to share a viewpoint that is interesting for everybody with an appetite and curiosity for art.