/Art Event

Baum Prinzen

An enchanting art installation in the middle of the city for the „Night of the Museums“ in Pforzheim.
We projected 19 several meters high portraits on treetops and trunks throughout the city park.
Together with soft live electronic beats you could walk through this special light installation.

/Social Cultural Project

The fifth element

A permanent exhibition for the staircase of the „Haus der Jugend“ with portraits of the youth from the city of Pforzheim.
Based on the four elements : Earth, Fire, Water, Air.
The elements stand for their cultural diversity and different personalities,
the youth house is the mystical „Fifth Element“, where they come together and which unites them all.

/Social Cultural Project

Plastic Monkey

An 80qm big environmental art project made out of single garbage plastic pieces.


/Art Event

One Beat One

A multimedia pop art installation for the „Schlosspark Open“ music festival, 
created to change an otherwise quite empty and not very inviting underpass into a feast of colour and music. 
Music for 8 different subcultures was composed and recorded with young musicians.
All music styles connected with one and the same beat, showing cultural diversity and unity at the same time.

/Art Event

Gentse Gezichten

A light installation for the Lightfestival Ghent 2021.
In this video you can see the original portraits which were taken for the projections.

See more soon

/Social Cultural Project

Colour Girls

A fotoshooting with girls between 6-16 years old
from „Haus der Jugend“ Pforzheim.



And the creation goes on...